The Loch Nell

Typography Assignment

Tetris PosterFor a class assignment we had to describe how we would get from home to school and then create an A2 typography poster from it.

I was initially inspired by French director, Michel Gondry (Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, The Science of Sleep) and his fantasy worlds and worked along that line. Soon, however, it became difficult to determine life from death from fantasy and I decided to change to a virtual world instead – specifically, in a gaming world. I worked on Super Mario and The Sims in my text, and came across the idea of ‘The Tetris Effect’, before merging them all into one.

In this world of mine I (whom you can consider to be rather geeky), see everything as being pixelated – everyone is edgy (literally) – but so very colorful. It’s a virtual world of happiness… until school.

I used 2 fonts, Adore64 and Quadrit, both free for download at and respectively, both are classic pixelated fonts – perfect for my poster. The poster itself is supposed to imitate the classic Tetris interface, and I was able to utilize every inch of the A2 paper to look like a blown-up version from your old game console’s screen.


     Type Process Booklet     The back

I also created an A5 process booklet documenting my inspiration and sketches. The cover is of a Gameboy, as it clearly illustrates the virtual gaming world my poster was based on.


Inside the Process Booklet 1

Thumbnail Sketches


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