The Loch Nell

Volume 16 Issue 3

Sports Bash Newspaper

A girl eating a banana placed suggestively at a guy’s crotch (during a University club’s Orientation) made the headlines with the header ‘Breaking News’ not too long ago in a local publication/paper, so the graphic & article is about juxtaposing the ‘severity’ of such a piece of news with other more pressing events going on in the world.

Done in Illustrator using double tapered and marker brushes. Been doodling textured backgrounds as such in my notebook and decided to bring them here. Bitbit and for the first time Hammie make their usual cameos, personal references for my own humor (and those in the know).

Regretfully, this article together with my graphic was canned, but you can view it still!


In Pen on Paper - 1


This is my first illustration for thepaper’s ‘In Pen On Paper’ section, where you can submit drawings on things/issues related to school. Here I’ve over-dramatized the impact of the new shuttle bus where students can save on transport fees to get to the train station, instead of having to take the public bus (pictured empty behind).

My rabbit is never forgotten. Also, this semester I’ve tried my hand at drawing with a different style – using a pen or brush that is pen-like, it gives off a sketchy, raw-er feel than the usual clean-cut vectors that I’ve done. Another pro is that it saves me half the time.


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