The Loch Nell

Volume 16 Issue 1

Start of a new semester, new pictures done. Both were quickly drawn and colored in Illustrator. I decided to use this style because my usual vector art takes up too much time.


At the crossroads - original English version

At the crossroads - new edition

The above shows 2 versions done for the paper, at first I did in English but it was for the Chinese section so I was told to make the change. In the newer one I also added a couple of shades here and there.

As for the easter egg that I always try and include, it’s my rabbit, who’s muttering ‘Neither’, with regards to the Marriage or Work route. Rabbits are entitled to their opinions too, and this one I agree wholeheartedly with. They should have 3 roads.





Piece of art


Unfortunately,  this picture was not credited to me by mistake in the school paper.

This was about different point-of-views I think, and the rabbit can become a showpiece in this instance, a rabbit sculpture. The girl is modeled after Ellen page and myself (minus the specs) and the dude is some ordinary dude. The painting in the background has 2 blue crayfish claws as an inside reference to a friend’s quirky pet.


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