The Loch Nell

Volume 15 Issue 4

ReligiousDone in Illustrator for an article on uniting religions.

No easter eggs in this one. I realized my people become faceless as time goes by.









MultilingualThis was for the Chinese section, an article on the importance of speaking more than 2 languages.

Easter eggs galore. Note the rabbit brand vest, Vans shoes, and all 3 guys are actually modeled on the same 1 actor – Gael Garcia Bernal (Amores Perros, The Science of Sleep, The Motorcycle Diaries), my favourite actor at different points in his life with different hair-cuts. Another easter egg is I’ve learnt (elementary level) all languages in the speech bubble (well, except for German because I taught that myself).




DiverA very last-minute drawing done in comic-style for the very first time, this was for the sports pages.







MourinhoA caricature of the incredible grouch Jose Mourinho after he left London for Milan for the Sports quote pages.


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