The Loch Nell

Volume 15 Issue 1


This was for an article on getting to love the country once again despite all its flaws. It was my first graphic done on Illustrator.

As with most of my graphics, I’ve included my own little ‘easter eggs’ into them, and not for the first time, my pet rabbit. (The image may be kind of small, but it’s the guy’s shirt logo)







WatercubeThis was commissioned during the Olympics but eventually not published. It’s of the National Aquatics Centre in Beijing, otherwise known as The Watercube. Also done in Illustrator and touched up in Photoshop, it includes a rabbit somewhere.







BlackThis was for an article that got culled eventually – one on black being the new cool. I modeled the guy in black after Jonathan Rhys-Meyers. I also did not forget my pet rabbit, Bitbit, and included her on the bag that girl is carrying, affectionately named ‘Agnes Bit’.






CristianoThis was my first ever attempt at anything hand-drawn caricature-ish. This is of Cristiano Ronaldo, albeit with a longer chin and malformed left-arm for the Sports page.


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