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T-Shirt Assignment

T-Shirt AssignmentThis was an assignment on us defining what Creativity is. We started out with 40 sketches and then narrowed them down as the weeks went by and finally ended with one. We then made it into an A2 poster.

My idea was based on ‘Creativity is the Vector’ – inspired in part by  ‘Love is the Movement’ by To Write Love On Her Arms. I wanted the slogan to seem unfinished. Vector can be used to represent a few things, the mode that transports your work to a higher level (with a dose of creativity). Vector could be, in physics/maths, a sort of movement, the direction to take your work to another level. Vector also can refer to Vector Art, which happens to be one of my favourite styles.

The design is mainly inspired by Lego bricks. In fact I wore a Lego ring on the day I presented my idea! Lego bricks are so versatile, colorful and quirky to begin with. I wanted Creativity to begin with my building blocks (literally), and it could work as the Vector to achieving that quality and spark that only creativity can reach.



CreativityThe slogan was created with loads and loads of difficult-to-draw Lego bricks, entirely drawn on Illustrator. It was very challenging and frustrating getting every single brick to be aligned and look good together. The text are drawn to sort of ‘flow down’ the shirt to give a sense of fluidity, and the back of the shirt the bricks are towering up (somewhat like a skyline) and also to provide that inverse effect as opposed to the front.

The color scheme was a subdued version of CMYK. I chose this because I thought it stands out, and rationally – it goes with the building blocks theme because the 4-colors are fundamental in printing.


Here’s a look at the process, from the beginning idea and then to trying different layouts before finally arriving at the final one.

It all began with lego bricks...

It all began with these Lego bricks. The back actually reads ‘Create’ backwards (beginning to play on the word ‘vector’).


Which soon formed my slogan...

Once that idea was selected to be further worked on, I used the bricks to form my slogan instead. I played around with the placement on the T-shirt.


Nearly there...

This was the last one before I made final changes. I removed, as stated, the pink area below the collar, and made the letters of the slogan each a single color.


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