The Loch Nell

Self-Promotional Assignment

CardFor another class assignment, our job was to create a business card to essentially promote ourselves. I had to include all my essence into a single card and came up with several interactive ideas and eventually settled on a can design. I thought, “If you were to include your essence, then why not literally?”

This was inspired (obviously) by the Campbell Soup can, made famous by Andy Warhola. I also played on the idea of ‘a can of worms’ – kind of a ‘you’ll never know what to expect from someone as quirky as me’ thing. When the lid is lifted, worms are revealed (not pictured). It is double-sided and intended to come across as playful – people will definitely close and open the lid.

I was also going for a very crayon-y, sketchbooksy feel – to illustrate my love for that kind of art. It feels very raw, somewhat and free-flowing – characteristics I feel represent me quite a bit. It also contains a digital sketch of me in my geek glasses to help the recipient remember the card’s owner.


      Soup Process Booklet    The back

I also created a smaller (A6) process booklet for this assignment (above), modeled after the same Campbell Soup idea. It contains all my sketches from conception and a 4-page write-up defining who I am – the basis for which later everything fell into its place.


A glimpse inside

Chosen idea and rationale


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