The Loch Nell

WWF Posters

Save Paper 1When I was interning back in 2006 at an MNC, it was the first time I was working in an office environment. Everywhere there were printers, accompanied by reams and reams of paper. Every printer is printing something at almost any moment, and even when it’s not, there are already sheets of paper that were printed wrongly and discarded. Yes, some may say that this paper can be recycled too, but how about not wasting that very sheet in the first place?

Sometimes when we decide simply, not to click ‘Print’ just yet, and check the on-screen document for mistakes, we end up saving energy and paper. You could also stretch the margins, e.g. in MS Word away from the default one, to squeeze in more text, print double-side, and print only when necessary. Here are some tips from the WWF.

Anyway, I decided to design some posters using some of the copy from the 2 existing WWF posters you can print from their website, and you can feel free to print them & stick them next to printers in your office or even your home. I wanted a clean & simple look with minimal colors.

Save Paper (Green) (81.6kb, PDF)

Save Paper (Teal) (75.1 kb, PDF)


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