The Loch Nell

Transparent Badges

Metal Badge Spread

I’ve seen metal badges around, but I think most were printed directly on top, in contact with the metal surface. I really like the effect – the badges look extra shiny, and when paired with black, looked rather spiffy. So instead of using the mylar that I always use for all my other paper versions, I got my designs printed mirror-imaged on transparency at the copy shop (unfortunately I’ve been unable to find laser or ink-jet versions at the local craft store) and there you have it, almost metallic badges! A problem of course is ridding the plastic of my fingerprints or other cloth ‘wipe-stains’ (attempts to remove any traces of dust). But overall I like how they looked, shiny!



Handwritten GOOD MORNING MORNING badge

Before heading to the copy store, I discovered the transparency bought from the art store was not the treated kinds for ink-jet printing, so the ink smudged. I used a drawing pen (alcohol-based and permanent) and had to write backwards for the GOOD MORNING MORNING text badge. As with these kind of pens on plastic, you can see inconsistencies in the ink flow and at the end of lines are those ‘ink wells’. Sometimes though it is almost impossible to tell that there’s a layer of plastic because it looks like I’d written directly onto the metal shell.



Metal Badges Close-Up

Metal Badges Mini Cooper Beep

Available at my shop


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