The Loch Nell

To There St. Art Zine

When I was doing the process booklets for my design classes in 2008, I scanned in all my sketches before arranging them on the computer. Scanning in black and white, the scanner picks up the drawings’ lines despite the paper having its own print (probably because it was faint), and I love the effect eventually – nice black and white lines, very sketch-like, even though originally it was some blue ink on colored, patterned paper. So I decided to do an art zine that consists of solely hand-drawn art, scan them in, and have the same effect.

When I was thinking about the theme for the zine, I realized that I’d done 4 of my room (for Disconcerting 3), so why not do places? Places I’ve been to long ago, or where I spend most of my time, Singapore or otherwise. Some I sat down and draw at the places themselves, some from pictures. And in the end, I have 16 A5 pages of drawings of places. The title came from the idea of a place being there; if you want to head somewhere, it is ‘there’ – some sort of generic name. The cover picture was based on this place in the CBD region from a photo taken at least 4 years ago.

To There Street Cover

When it comes to drawing, I’ve mostly been experimenting. I wasn’t too sure what exactly defined me and my style, but I really enjoyed others’ line drawings, especially those that use the thin pens. I’ve never used any other pen to draw apart from this 0.4 one since I graduated from secondary school (it seems like if I used any others, my handwriting becomes terrible). So I was drawing one quiet day, feeling slightly listless, and what came up was this kind of pictures – squiggly lines trying to be straight, lazy connected alphabets, half-hearted manual-bolding of lines… and I enjoyed the process and outcome. I may have just found my own place.


To There St Inside

It is 1/2 sized (beginning to be my new favourite size), and contains a total of 18 pages. Cover was laser-printed on white drawing block, and the rest on normal copy paper (80gsm).


In July, I suddenly had the idea to come up with smaller fun-sized versions of the zine one night while I was trying to sleep. The next morning, I laid out the pages in Illustrator, making some calculations to ensure the print will be exact front-back on the paper (if you know what I mean), and here’re the results:


TTS Small 1

TTS - Small Inside


I love how the details are retained even at such a small size – 5.5 cm by 4 cm (2.16″ by 1.57″). It is an exact replica of the A5 version, with the same drawing block as the cover, and normal 80 gsm paper as the insides.


Mini Version: Available at USD3 for 2 copies (incl. shipping) at my shop

A5 Version: Currently out of print Made an additional 4 copies at USD4.30 each (incl. shipping)


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