The Loch Nell

thank you mr gondry Zine

Thank You, close-up

thank you mr gondry was created for the 24-hour Zine Thing 2009. I was on my bed one late afternoon with my pen and notebook as always and started feeding off these ‘streams of consciousness’ that translated all my dreams and imagination into simple lines of text. There’re very little ‘fancy’ words used. I’d say this is sort of the literary kind of zines, but I wouldn’t call it poetry. The lines are given breaks according to how I wrote them on my notebook, but overall I might think this is prose, or at least a variation of it.

Many times when I’m just about to fall asleep, I’ve gotten random words that pop into my head, one of them was ‘CMYK rainbows’, and more recently, it was ‘crossword buildings’. So I’ve incorporate them and the idea of it in thank you mr gondry. In September ’08 I had a school typography project where I wrote a long piece about travelling to school in a made-up alternate universe, and included elements of them, like sock clouds and bubblewrap swimming pools into this zine.

The title is a nod to my favourite film director, Michel Gondry, who has inspired me a lot since I’ve viewed his films. He was the inspiration for my typography assignment and this. I would consider the writing here to be rather odd, and some might find it strange, but I’d like to think that if you read it a couple times you may get it. Some are rather straight-forward descriptions of places you have never seen, while others are from different point-of-views, and even one or two that make very little sense of things that never existed.

The zine is 1/4-sized again, after the string of 1/2-sized zines made, and the cover was laser-printed on white drawing block. The simple design was made using the fountain pen brush in Illustrator, and all text inside are in Courier New, my new favourite typeface of the moment.

I’ve hand-sewn all of them using the simple pamphlet-stitch, in various thread colors.

tymg - cover

tymg - Insides

tymg - stitching

thank you mr gondry
Numbered and Signed
Available at my shop


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