The Loch Nell

People Zine

The first zine of the New Year was actually conceived in the last few days of 2010. Thanks to Sarah and a recent Comic Con I’ve been fascinated by comics and decided to attempt some frames in this zine.

PIKAN is about 16 people I’ve come across since the age of 6-23 and includes teachers, strangers, classmates and friends. Each 1-page write-up is accompanied by 2 or 3 small frames of drawings (comics).

Cover was laserprinted at home on white card, the guts laserprinted too. Everything is in black and white.

Drawings were first done in pencil, outlined in pen, scanned then Live Traced in Illustrator, before Live Painting select sections in 2 shades of grey.

16 pages
Subject to availability at my shop!


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