The Loch Nell

Neapolitan Zine

I’m certainly on a picture-zine roll! I suddenly got this idea in my head while surfing around design blogs for the cover of this ice cream zine — overlapping fat letters split into 3 tiers in the colors of the classic Neapolitan. I played with 2 other variations of the letters and prefer the bottom right one since it’s cleaner.

The 16-page zine contains different ice cream types in black, white and grayscale, including soft-serve, snow cones and ice cream sandwiches. A short write-up has been included. I will be playing around with the layout of each page and vectorizing shapes as shadows and highlights. A significant characteristic of this zine is the playing with Illustrator’s swatches, as well as tones of gray. The cover was printed on 260gsm Artcard glossy in order to look slick and snazzy.

Here’s the digital image:

Covers of Neapolitan

And here’s the actual printed version:

Neapolitan Actual CoversIce Cream GutsIce Cream Guts Closeup

Now available at:


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