The Loch Nell




I was supremely inspired after reading back to back favourite zines – Volthair for Voltaire 1,2 and then Scribble Faster 3. Both were quarter-sized and so ended up #7. It is 60 pages, some printed on recycled paper, some inverse colors, and bound with twine. If I should say so myself, the writing I consciously tried to keep it short and sweet. Somehow as I recall my writing in previous issues, most especially in #4, there were too many unnecessary things that I’ve said/added on. I didn’t really like #6 on hindsight; the whole diary-effect with timestamps things did not cut it for me. It felt like fluff.

Armed with the new year on one shoulder and a new internship experience on another, I decided to write one that has a tighter grip and is hopefully more snarky. For the first time the zine contains no drawings nor photographs, and is purely text that had been laid out in InDesign. (I used to do my zines in Illustrator). Font-wise I decided to go for a serif one that is not Courier New, and ended with Century.

For the cover I decided to use this deep blue paper I got at a stationery shop some time back, and had been obsessed with paper airplanes as of late, thus the red plane behind the cut-out. I’d say I like the final effect. Pricing-wise it is cheaper than all my previous issues, as my intention is to have more people read it and review it. You may still obtain copies at my shop:


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