The Loch Nell


Number 6 Covers

After quite a bit of time, September’s issue is out! For some reason I keep thinking I’m off-schedule, and that my perzine has become bi-monthly, but after looking closer, I’m actually still on time! Can’t say it’d remain like that for the next issue though, considering that after my mid-term-break, things will go full-throttle (school things, that is).

Due to the lack of time and energy that comes with being a full-time student, I’ve not had the luxury of writing for days and could only manage a few paragraphs/pages whenever I have the mood and time to. As such, the format of #6 is almost diary-like, with a few time-stamps. It’s in my usual style of writing, as per all my other zines. I’ve included more than 10 grayscale photographs that I’ve taken, of places and items, and 3 pages of hand-drawn pictures.

Because my life revolves mostly around school, the topics I’ve addressed are the interesting classes I’m currently taking at school, like Popular Cinema and Chinese Brush Painting. In short, my adventures at school. I also wrote about riding a bicycle again after many years, as well as fishing at one of my favourite childhood places.

Specs-wise, I’ve retained the 1/2 size, grey cardstock (from #5, save paper!), Courier New font. This issue contains lesser words than #5 though, but still over 10, 000. Cover was drawn in Illustrator from a screencap of my favourite movie (Before Sunset), with extra details like the skyline of my own. I think I like the quirky look of the cover, very me! 😉

On the inside-cover I’d retained the catalogue of my zines, but resized and rearranged them, for variety’s sake!

Drawings from #6

#6 Inside Cover
#6 Close-Up

#6 Trio Close-up

Limited copies (7) currently available at my shop


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