The Loch Nell


Cover of #5

I completed #5 at the end of July, for August. It is the last month before I head back to school after a long, happy and very fulfilling summer.

In this issue, I talk about my preparations for school ahead, stories of my teeth and my 2006 internship, mail art, rounded up my awesome summer, silkscreening problems I’ve been running into, the fascinating hikikomori phenomenon I came across while watching a film, among others.

For the cover, I had spent 1 hr drawing more than 10, 000 lines. It was tiring, but I like the effect and persevered on. I’m amazed at my patience! Anyway I went to a bookstore to specifically obtain grey cardstock for the cover, instead of the usual white drawing block I’ve used for #3 and #4.

Another change I made was printing on the inside covers.


#5 inside cover

It was sort of like a catalog – an advertisement of sorts. I’m after all, an advertising major. 😉  I laser -printed all covers at home and got the guts photocopied at the local copy shop. It has considerably less hand-drawn images, but more grayscale photography (below) taken by me, of places and items.


grayscale - photograph 1


It is still the standard 40 A5 pages, but contains more text than ever, at more than 12 000. Overall, I’d say the content is lighter than #4 and maybe even #3, but I hope it’s still a good and enjoyable read for those who’ve bought / traded with me.

I make very limited copies for this one, as of today there’re 2 more that I printed so get them here!  If by the time you read this they’re already sold, let me know so I can make more.


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