The Loch Nell


The cover of number 4

I came up with the #4 just 4 days short of July (when it is due). The cover was done in Illustrator, and spawned from a sudden idea while almost drifting away to sleep about a crossword puzzle building, so I came up with something that hints at a small skyline, although after looking at it a few more times I realized this wasn’t as clear as I’d have liked. I used a rounded tapered brush for the first time.

Specifications-wise, the cover was still printed on white drawing block – the thickest paper that I dare feed into my laser printer, while the insides are a mixture of cornflower blue and normal white paper. I wanted to have a little variety, and tested, but it appears text on cornflower blue may not be as easy on the eyes as white. But it all depends on the lighting conditions when you read it. I also changed the font to Courier New, instead of Helvetica, to get that raw typewriter feel. (Can’t do anything when you have no typewriter). It remains 1/2 sized (A5).

Content-wise, I realized my perzines have evolved slowly, becoming even more serious each time. I had all these thoughts lately about connection and your own place, and feelings of loss and losing touch with old friends that I wanted to pen down, so into #4 they went. I also included an old journal entry on an unmade film that I wrote about last February, as well as a comparatively light-hearted story at the end on the topic of ideas.

Text is a few hundred words more then #3, but drawings have taken a little backseat this time round. I still included never-seen-before drawings and one that I did last year in pencil.


On cornflower blue paper

Cornflower paper close-up

On normal copy paper

Only available at my shop


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