The Loch Nell


#3's Cover

Keeping to the monthly idea, I started writing for #3 in May and early June and only finally managed to get everything compiled together nicely in mid-June. Looking back, I didn’t really like #2’s ‘short-story’ format. It was too little to read, and before anyone can even follow a story, it ends, just like that. I wished I had expanded further. Therefore in #3, I decided I would need it to be packed fuller with content, and moved the format from 1/4 to 1/2-size. The large size was rather fresh for me, after all, my other picture and text zines were all 1/4-sized.

DISCONCERTING 3 is definitely more introspective and personal, more so than #1 and #2 combined. Most of the stories and writing were about people, things, people, and my feelings, thoughts and relationships with them all. One thing I’ve always been rather interested in is – how does one find their own place in this world? ‘Place’ here being someplace that they feel comfortable in, without forcing themselves to follow societal pressures. I try to explore this.

This issue also contains full-page drawings by me, done with a pen, and scanned in. I really like how line art comes up through the scanner – the lines are crisp and clear, clean even. I’ve included drawings done in my notebooks, of my room, me, my rabbit, and other random stuff, some drawn to fit the writing or to illustrate a certain point.

It is 40 A5 pages, and would have been 80 had it been in 1/4-sized. The cover’s art was done by me digitally in Illustrator, and meant to be for a silkscreen project I’m working on. It was printed on standard drawing block.

I’d say #3 is my favourite so far, in terms of content. I’m thinking of creating an art zine consisting of pictures drawn by hand around one theme, maybe of places. But that would be in the future.

Picture and Text Layout

Full-page drawings


Currently available at my shop


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