The Loch Nell



DISCONCERTING is my own perzine, mainly text and mostly on life, people and memories from a 22-year-old’s point-of-view living in Singapore. It was started in April 2009 and is around 32-40 pages, (I’m trying to hit around 40 pages to accommodate more), and might include random bits and pieces like a concert, quotes overheard and anecdotes. I’m projecting it to be a monthly zine, and the contents may be random like dreams or thoughts entertained anywhere. I try and jot them on a notebook so I can expand later.

The zine is currently available only on my etsy shop:, but I’m trying to submit them to some distros and if successful, you may get them over there as well. I make very, very limited copies (never more than 10), so if they’re already sold out when you read this feel free to drop me a line and I can make more when possible.



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