The Loch Nell

Lollipop Notebooks

Lollipop Notebooks I bought these 5×3″ blank notecards and realized they worked great as bookblocks since the edges are already trimmed. The cardpaper was really thick though (I estimate it to be around 260gsm) but it could work for those who love to stick on stuff or even draw using thick markers. Cover itself is laser-printed on 260gsm glossy paper.

Cover design is of a simple monotoned lollipop, done in Illustrator. One of my favourite color schemes is CMYK, and this forms half. I have a green version as well.

I bound this myself with PVA glue and a strip of cloth (from my mom) – first the bookblock and then the cover with the same glue. The bookblock contains 25 sheets (50 pages).


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