The Loch Nell

Kelong Zine


On the 12th and 13th of December 2009, my family (excl. 1 brother) and friend Amanda headed on weekend adventure to an off-shore fishing platform known as a ‘kelong’ (a Malay term). We ended up creating a zine 3 weeks later titled ‘Weekend on Stilts’. The platform is above water and on 20 metre long stilts, hence the title.



It is a 1/4 sized split zine, with our own separate halves to be read book-style (one is upside-down at any time). Mine was entirely typewritten, my first time making an almost wholly typewritten zine and I must say it is not an easy task! Alignment and estimation of page breaks I have gotten so used to on desktop publishing suddenly disappeared and I had to learn my way on the typewriter. But I definitely love the effect when it was photocopied, analog rules!



My friend’s half was handwritten on hand-drawn lined paper. I love the effect when it came through the copier, and the handwritten effect made it all the more organic and very zine-y. The cover was photocopied on nice pink paper I found in my locker and all black and white photos were taken on our phone cameras (save 1 or 2). We each designed our own covers.



It contains a total of 48 pages (excl. cover) and I made a total of 20 copies, only 18 will be on sale.


Currently available at both our shops
Mine and hers


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