The Loch Nell

Hairstylist Zine

Hairstylist Covers

4 different covers of my new picture zine, Hairstylist — a collection of 24 different male hairstyles on a generic head shape. It includes 8 blank heads at the back for you to doodle on hair (as well as other things like spectacles, moles, teeth, accessories). Covers printed on 260gsm glossy Artcard. 1/4 sized, 16 pages.

The purpose  of creating such a zine is to see the different possibilities one could get from something basic and generic. Plus, I have a knack of giving people hair in my textbooks in the past so I thought this would be a great idea.

Hairstylist Cover 1(above) The final printed version of the orange-green-blue cover combo.


Now available at


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