The Loch Nell

Gumball Machine Personal Notebook

Gumball Machine Personal NotebookI’ve been using those A5-sized notebooks they give away free when you attend some movie gala premiere since poly, and really loved that they had no lines so I could freely doodle. Last semester, I used up my final copy and decided to make myself a new one because I couldn’t seem to find one that I really liked.

I decided to come up with the following gumball machine design, inspired by the ones I always see in Perth’s shopping malls. I wanted to try drawing something as symmetrical as possible because my drawings are usually free-flowing (also because I can’t be bothered about everything being mathematically calculated).

I also wanted to try a single color, and have always loved the texture (and smell) of good old Kraft paper, and came up with the final product. The back is also made from the same MF Kraft Paper, 275gsm, laser-printed red. The notebook is A5-sized, and contains assorted graph/grid papers, including blank sheets of printing paper and several free vector templates I found on the net for me to doodle on when ideas strike. I got it bound (Wire-O?) just like my usual notebooks as I wanted to be able to be flexible as far as the pages/flipping are concerned.


Assorted grid paper inside


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