The Loch Nell

Fact or Fiction Zine

Fact or Fiction Zine CoverA friend and I are fans of the TV show ‘Beyond Belief: Fact or Fiction’, so we decided to come up with a quasi-split zine with stories that either i) were inspired by actual events in news articles/TV shows/research; or ii) were from our own imagination. Each of us wrote 15 short stories for a total of 30, which are organized into sets of 5. They are followed by a page containing random cut-and-paste collage, before revealing the answers for the stories to answer a simple question: Fact, or Fiction? The main purpose for the collage is to prevent the answers page from showing through the copy paper.

The zine is rather thick – standing at 48 pages (56 if you include the cover and endpapers), and is 1/4-sized. Covers were laserprinted on cornflower blue 80gsm paper while the guts were all photocopied. It is entirely the classic cut-and-paste style, with the backdrop being old film class notes. Cover art was quickly done by me in Illustrator.


Fact or Fiction Sample Page

Fact or Fiction Sample Page 2

Fact or Fiction Spread

Currently sold out at:
but still available at


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