The Loch Nell

Drawings & Projects (Jan-Apr 09)

Here you will find some random drawings done over the course of 4 months for various projects – personal and otherwise.

My Bed

I did this drawing of my own bed in Illustrator for a zine calling for guestlists. My list was titled ‘Why I Love My Bed’. The issue should be out in June 09. I will post the page when the time comes.



East Coast Park

This was drawn from a picture I took from the breakwaters of East Coast Park, Singapore, in Illustrator, for a class assignment (Narrative on East Coast Park).



1" Badges

Together with a friend, we designed 2 batches of 1″ badges (buttons/pins) for the university’s Chinese Orchestra’s Fundraiser. My friend hand-drew all the orchestra’s instruments (8 designs) and placed them on a canvas background. I designed the rest in Photoshop and Illustrator.



22:14I designed this in Illustrator for my personal blog.



Badge Labels

I needed some tags to go with my badge packaging, so I came up with these in Illustrator. I went with my favourite color scheme of CMYK.

It has a very hand-drawn and sketchy feel.

It was printed on Artcard 260gsm at a print shop.




The actual packaging.



Porthole FishProfessor Plum

These are only 2 of the many geeky badge designs I’ve churned out over the past 4 months.

On the left: Porthole Fish
Available at

On the right: Professor Plum (part of a Cluedo Character Set I’m coming up with)

Both were done in Illustrator.


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