The Loch Nell

Doodle Zine

I wanted to make something like this for some time, and finally managed to dig out all the notebooks and sketchbooks that I’ve been using since the year 2005 till present. I remember flipping through the older books and tried to read the difficult handwriting and strange cryptic words and doodles, laughing at some, cringing, and even confused as to what I’d drawn. A lot of them were tiny doodles here and there scattered all over the pages so I thought wouldn’t it be a good idea to have them all compiled into a zine so that I can keep my doodles in case the individual notebooks went missing one way or another?

And so I did, but I did not scanned every single thing – some were either too personal or embarrassing, or downright strange, but enough to fill about 50 A5-sized pages. The cover was laser-printed on these pastel papers that I found in my cupboard – I had used them to make envelopes and did not realize they worked brilliantly as covers. Some of the papers, especially the lighter shades, showed signs of age, with slight discolored circles, but overall added to the slightly old-book feel. My personal favourite is the brown one, because it looked almost like kraft paper.

The cover was designed in Illustrator, using a fountain pen brush for the slight translucence and irregular ends. It looked like I used some brush! I loved the effect. The insides were simply black and white copies of all the scanned doodles that I arranged in Illustrator itself.

Doodle Zine Insides 1

Doodle Zine Spread

More Doodle Zines

Doodle Zine Insides 2

Doodle Zine Close-up

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