The Loch Nell

Coloring Book

I’m really into zines, but this hardly counts as one apart from the fact that it is classified as a ‘non-professional publication’. But anyways, in the past month or 2, I’ve been dabbling into line drawings for various objects and places and thought, wouldn’t it be great if I could compile a couple of drawings into a coloring book! So in between revision for my 3 papers this semester I went around my room to weed out quirky little items built around a common theme to present to you… ‘Snazzy Accessories‘.

Snazzy Front Covers

Snazzy Accessories is a simple 1/4-sized booklet containing 16 pages of line-art drawings of some of the accessories I own. Beside each drawing is hand-drawn text meant for one to fill with colors, and random bit and pieces like squares, droplets. It is not limited to coloring, of course, and you can doodle on the pictures, like on the ipod nano page — fill in your choice of song and album art. It also comes with a snazzy checklist for your perusal. At the back is my classic rabbit silhouette — in the same color as the cover.

Classic Sneakers

More Pages

I made an edition of 16 copies and gave 4 out to friends, (and kept 1 for myself, of course!). In total, there are 13 different colors and 4 were printed on Artcard (glossy, 260gsm and white), while the rest were on 275gsm machine-finished Kraft paper. I liked how the colors came out, the laser printing thick and shiny, looking like a sticker on top of the paper’s texture. I trimmed some wayward edges using my paper cutter (how handy!), and then staple-bound all of them twice with 2 heavy-duty staplers.


Limited Edition, only available here at:


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