The Loch Nell

Bicycle Zine

A5 Covers Bike Zine

I couldn’t sleep one night and hadn’t created a new art zine in ages so I went through some possibilities in my head. I had spent the bulk of August and September cycling again, after having not done so for a very long period of time. I had almost forgotten how wonderful it felt to cycle and had been slightly obsessed with cycling as such.

Therefore I decided to come up with a new zine called ‘The Bicycle Zine’, that contains 16 different bicycles done in line drawing. I would draw them on my notebook first in A5 size (so I can make many other sizes from it) using my 0.4 fine black pen, before scanning them in and layout in Illustrator.


Bike Zine Insides A6

Bike Close-up

I created and printed the covers in 2 different colors – yellow and dark grey (like the road), and in 3 different sizes – A5, A6 and a Mini Version slightly smaller than A7. I printed them on a host of papers – 260gsm glossy Artcard or 200gsm matt Artcard (Mini Version).  A5 version in Portrait; A6, A7 in Landscape.

Paper from Farmed Trees LogoThe guts were printed on Double A copy paper which uses the Farmed Trees Model – having farmers in Thailand to grow the trees between their farming plots instead of having to use trees from natural forests. This results in a more environmentally-sound approach as compared to plantation trees and old growth natural forest trees. Australian research company Access Economics have found Double A paper has the lowest environmental costs in the international paper industry.



A5 Covers 2 Bike ZineA5 Version (above)


Bike Zine A6 Covers

A6 Version (above)


Bike Zine Mini Version Cover

Mini Version (above)


Also included a 1-page write-up on the benefits of cycling for yourself and the environment. I dedicate this bike zine to my dear hamster, Hammie, who passed on on the 23rd of September.

Bike Zine Why Cycle

The Bicycle Zine
Various sizes subject to availability at my shop


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