The Loch Nell

Air Ticket Personal Notebook

Air Ticket Simpsons Digital CoverMy previous personal notebook was entirely used up and I needed a new one for my new ideas and doodling and school.

I had been watching The Simpsons repeats on cable TV and found a fun fact that said Homer’s only read one book in his entire life, and that it was ‘How To Kill A Mocking Bird’.

I had an air ticket graphic done for the school paper that did not get used eventually so I decided to combine it with the book image, making it seem that this entire notebook actually may just belong to Homer Simpson himself!

I’d first thought of selling a copy, and thus did not reveal the entire Homer, but just enough to make the Simpsons reference. But eventually I only made one copy.

I’ve had friends mistake the air ticket for real several times and many have told me they feel the urge to look behind the air ticket.

Papers-wise on the inside I have decided to use blank papers, white and cornflower blue, just for a change. I bound them at a shop, Wire-O as usual, and opted for the silver one to contrast with the cover.

Actual Air Ticket CoverHere is the actual notebook.

Air Ticket Notebook InsidesThe pages, alternating white and cornflower blue, bound in silver.


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